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We will work with you to bring forward your land for development under either a promotion agreement, option agreement or unconditional purchase to suit your individual requirements. We will handle the entire planning process and at the outset, advise and agree a planning strategy that is bespoke to the specific circumstances. Following a grant of planning consent or land allocation, we will handle the marketing and disposal of the land in full consultation with yourself to ensure terms are to your satisfaction.


The planning system is a complex and risky process, and without experience and professional knowledge can result in costly and disappointing outcomes. Manorwood Homes has nearly 20 years experience of negotiating the planning process, including promoting land for development through the plan making process, and securing consent through the development management system.

At the outset, Manorwood Homes will appoint a highly skilled and knowledgeable consultant team to promote the planning opportunity on your land, and realise the best possible outcome. Each set of circumstances demands its own individual strategy to be adopted, but also requires the need to maintain sufficient flexibility through the process. If necessary, the team is also highly experienced in preparing and submitting appeals, with an excellent track record in securing consent through this process.


Manorwood Homes specialise in all aspects of residential land and development. Our consultancy and management service covers all aspects of property development: from identification and appraisals, through to the site acquisition process, planning, planning gain negotiations, site layout, design options and the development process.

Behind each stage  of the development process lies a host of potential issues that can influence the outcome of the process, and value of your asset. Manorwood Homes experience means we can often foresee such potential issues and address them before they become significant commercial constraints.

The development and planning process is highly complex and involves many technical areas, with our established consultant network able to professionally handle all known issues that may arise when dealing with local planning authorities, consultees and stakeholders. Aware of the potential pitfalls resulting from the constant legislative changes of the planning system; Manorwood Homes makes sure it keeps its finger on the pulse of the development industry.


Manorwood Homes is constantly seeking development opportunities within a 2 Hour drive of Oxford, predominantly with a residential bias. With Private Equity funding readily available there is no requirement for bank funding. Sites can be acquired either unconditionally or on a conditional contract/option agreement basis.

The landowner’s requirements and circumstances will dictate the type of agreement. The considerable promotional costs involved in obtaining planning permission are borne by Manorwood Homes. Our expertise and close contacts with planning consultants, architects, highway consultants, arboriculturists, ecologists, surveyors and solicitors, to name but a few, enable us to advance swiftly through this complex and difficult process, to bring sites to an early realisation.

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